Vaše zadovoljstvo z zdravstveno obravnavo


Dear Patient,


here is a questionnaire to help us determine to what extent you are satisfied with some aspects of the quality of health care at the healthcare provider. Your sincere responses will help us adjust our work to your needs and expectations even more. The survey is anonymous, and will take 5 minutes of your time. Please mark the most appropriate answer for you, or write it if necessary. If you cannot complete the questionnaire yourself, your relative or the person you ask for help may help. In this case, the opinion of the patient is evaluated rather than the opinion of the one who answers the questionnaire on behalf of a relative. The terms written in the sense of "my treatment" are appropriately adapted to "treatment of the patient" if the questionnaire is filled in by the patient's relative or another person on behalf of the patient. Pursuant to the Regulation on business with users in public health, the data will be sent to healthcare providers, which will allow the providers to review the data and take the necessary measures.